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where can I uninstall my period

i think if you download pregnancy it blocks it for a few months but then you get a really annoying loud pop up that doesn’t go away for 18 years




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You get one free pass. This, was it. You do not get another. Like it or not, you are the famous child of the most famous man on earth. And it may not be fair and it may not be right and it’s definitely sexist - if you were a boy they’d be giving you high-fives. But you’re not. So your knees are gonna have to stay together. 

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The Confrontation, Scandal Episode 404 (x)

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Oh, I’m gonna destroy you. Destroy us? We’re the ones with the proof of the first daughter whoring it up- These are children, you sick sons of bitches!

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I’m just glad you’re alright.

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When making phone calls makes you anxious:



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